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The Director of Prince Edward Island Education Department Inspected 2+1 International Class Project of Ganzhou No.3 Middle School
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On April 22nd, 2018, Kieran Hennessey and Derek McEwenza from School Board of Price Edward Island(PEI), accompanied by Tom, the president of SLARK, came to visit Ganzhou No.3 Middle School, making an annual inspection on the running of 2+1 international program.

Ganzhou No.3 Middle School held a meeting to welcome  Kieran Hennessey and Derek McEwenza, attended by the president of Ganzhou No.3 Middle School Pan Yuansheng, Secretary of the school He Qiang, Vice President Cheng Yang and Chen Zhigang, Director of International Department Liu Fang, President of SLARK Tom, and Keery and Gordon from SLARK. At the meeting, Pan Yuansheng and Tom gave brief introduction of 2+1 Sina-Canadian Joint Program to two foreign guests and hope to continue cooperating with PEI School Board. While Kieran Hennessey and Derek McEwenza gave fully appreciation to the students of Ganzhou No.3 Middle School and highlighted the key points of their inspection. Also SLARK made a report of all students participated in this program to two guests. At the end of meeting, three parties reached a new contract.  

After the meeting, Kieran Hennessey and Derek McEwenza, accompanied by the representatives of Ganzhou No.3 Middle School and the staff of SLARK, made a visit to the school campus, dormitory for foreign teachers, international department and laboratory. Later on, they met with Grade One and Grade Two students and foreign teacher Allison respectively. In the morning of April 25th, three parties held a talk on the report of this inspection, including increasing the number of foreign teachers,the language requirement for students to study abroad, and the checking and examination system. Based on this report, Ganzhou No.3 Middle School and SLARK agreed to adjust the running of this joint program in order to run it better.

       In addition, the School also arranged a lecture with the theme of Going into the PEI School Board, in which hundreds of students and their parents were present. And Kieran Hennessey cited vivid examples to introduce PEI School Board, which won warm applause from the audience.

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