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Holland College
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Holland College
 is the provincial community college for the Canadian province of Prince Edward Island (PEI). It is named after British Army engineer and surveyor Captain Samuel Holland. It was formed by the Government of Prince Edward Island in 1969 as a result of an education reform policy undertaken as part of the Prince Edward Island Comprehensive Development Plan which saw the closure of the province's two post-secondary institutions structured on religious lines, St. Dunstan's University and Prince of Wales College, and the creation of the non-denominational University of Prince Edward Island (UPEI) and Holland College.

I. Requirement

(1) Grade 12 or equivalent with credits at or above the general level (GPA 70%)

(2) TOEFL:85(iBT); IELTS:6

II.  Tuition

Tuition for international student: $4086-$4978/year based on programs

Holland College Website:

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