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Brief Introduction of Joint Degree Programs
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SLARK Enterprises Ltd. is a Self-Funded Study Abroad Service licensed by the Ministry of Education and registered by the State Administration for Industry and Commerce. We specialized in coordinating with domestic and international organizations to introduce high quality study abroad resources to the Chinese market.

We provide a range of professional services which are as follows:

*Overseas Study Plan

All of our consultants have overseas education background, and over five years overseas study consulting experience. Consultants are required to design specific overseas study plan according to students academic level, interest and family conditions, from the perspective of career and personal development, and to guide students in making decisions about the most suitable country, university and subject.

*University/High School Application

We specially establish the top-university application center providing application for overseas top universities and corresponding service for students.

*Visa Application Guidance

Visa application is a key link in overseas study. Our Visa processing consultants are experienced in visa application and familiar with application process and policies, immigration laws and regulations in different countries. For years, we are holding outstanding VISA application rate. Hence, we are capable of assisting students to provide truthful and complete Visa application documents. Besides, VISA for parents visiting is offered without extra change.

*Scholarship Assistance

*Study Abroad Loan Assistance

*Part Time Job Guidance

*English language classes

*Pre-departure instruction and overseas services

Arrange overseas accommodation, airport pick-up services, and help students to get familiar with registration procedures and so on.

*Collaboration Services to Institutions


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Address: Hongqi Ave No.69, Zhanggong District, Ganzhou City, Jiangxi Province, China

Tel: 0797-8312182 / 0797-8312200

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